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These products were all invented and tested by Colin Cox a pioneer in the possum fur industry in New Zealand as well as having many interesting other jobs and experiences.

Possum's are a pest in New Zealand so not only are you doing the trees a favour but Possum fur is pretty unique, being one of only a very few hollow fibres in the world. This unique property means it can trap more air in the fur and keep you warmer longer even when wet.

In 2011 Colin came to me (Mahe Drysdale) with the possum back belt. At the time I was struggling with back issues and right from the start knew this was a product that could help me. It was comfortable, warm and hard wearing. I helped develop the belt a bit further, making it more functional and comfortable during exercise. 

From that day I have worn it during virtually every single Rowing session, including being on my back through 2 gold medals rows at the Olympics in 2012 and 2016. I just simply won't go on the water without it.

Colin and I are now selling the back belts plus wrist and knee warmers, we both love the products and totally believe in them. Colin has spent over 10 years testing them me 6. 

If you suffer from pain, tight muscles or just want to be warm please try the products. Love them or not we would love to hear your feedback and are always happy to make changes to make them even better or more useful. 

We believe in the products so much that If the products don't work for you, please touch base within 30 days and we will either refund you or find a solution that works for you.

Thanks for visiting our site Colin and Mahe

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